The Lost Coast
by Grey Eye Glances

From the CD
Painted Pictures Album Cover
"Painted Pictures"
Sojourn Hills Records, 1998

GEG at a House Concert
Santa Rosa, CA.   November 2002

GEG has been strongly influenced by prog bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, among others.  The fact that the only cover song that they have recorded is a Yes song is a testament to this.  Their progressive connections are further demonstrated by several of their "prog ballads," songs like "All I've Loved, I've Loved Alone" (Songs of Leaving), "The Me You See" (Eventide), "The Lost Coast" (Painted Pictures), and "Even" (A Little Voodoo).  

Just as indicative of GEG's prog leanings is the fact that Brett Kull and Paul Ramsey joined GEG in 1996 while they were recording Eventide.  Brett and Paul are also members of Echolyn, one of the foremost bands writing and performing original prog music today.  Their music can be found at

Music and Lyrics by Dwayne Keith

 If you drive along the northern California coast, you will come across a town called Shelter Cove...


The Lost Coast

early November
north of San Francisco
driving fast to find you
I feel familiar winds
that usher in each evening
heavy on the mountains
rest clouds left there since morning
you always said
"there's just no other place"
a sign nailed to a redwood
signifies arrival
"welcome to the Lost Coast"
my mind begins to wonder
it was here we lost each other
shifting to a low gear
as I start on down the mountain
I know now
those were the times of my life

1989 was a dream in a dream
we straddled the thin line between
what it means or it seems
to be sure enough
we left the world behind
it reminds me now
how precious and how delicate

the hairpins come more frequent
each turn extending to the edge
without a barrier
I feel my stomach sinking
whatever you've been thinking
nine years all but vanished
now it's nine miles to the ocean
and shelter cove
where we found a night
and now I see that night
as a dream in a dream
the fire flickered calming light
oh how perfect it seemed
to be yours alone in such a distant place
you faced me and you whispered
"this is wonderful"

later on at the lighthouse
we were warned we should be careful
by waves that shot above us
we were told there was a hurricane
that came ashore each evening

I still carry the picture
that I took while you were sleeping
too hard to look
just then I see it again

the ocean through the clouds
like a dream in a dream
all the houses down in Shelter Cove
how much smaller they seem
was I really wise to improvise
and return to this scene
1989 just a dream in a dream
I can only hope this Lost Coast can remember
so I turn my car off
I can almost feel you here